Korean Festival Eastbourne UK



Korean Arts Festival in Eastbourne


The festivities start at 6pm on the 7th of July, 2018 at the Town Hall, Grove Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4TX

Korean Festival Eastbourne UK



Featuring the Eastbourne Festival Orchestra


Performing classical and Korean music together with the London Korean Choral Society and the Hailsham Choral Society

Korean Festival Eastbourne UK



Enjoy a Korean food buffet dinner after the show!


Served by the Korean Restaurant and Supermarket Association

Korean Festival Eastbourne UK



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Come to our Korean Arts festival in Eastbourne! Join us for performances of Korean music and Korean dancing and enjoy Korean food after the show. 


Korean Arts Festival in Eastbourne, UK


Korean Festival in Eastbourne and UK




Official Greeting from the Academy of Korean Culture UK

My name is Sun Hwa Griffiths and I would like to bring to your attention information regarding our annual Korean Festival. I have lived in East Sussex since 1992, after moving from Hong Kong with my husband. Over the last few years I have become more involved with the Korean community in New Malden, especially with our more senior members. We are proud to reveal that our social centre now has over 100 members spanning all ages, where we provide activities and meals seven days a week.

We have held concerts in London on four previous occasions,but now we would like to champion the many talents of our members by giving them exposure to a wider audience. To this end, we will be holding a Korean Arts Festival in Eastbourne to showcase the traditional music, dance, culture and food of Korea. As well, joining us will be a British orchestra under the baton of Music Director, Byung Yun Yu along with members of The Hailsham Choral Society, performing a program of both classical and Korean music.


 I look forward to welcoming you to a very special mixture of East meets West.


 With best wishes,

Sun Hwa Griffiths

- Chairman, Academy of Korean Culture UK







Musical Performances

The Korean Arts Festival in Eastbourne will feature performances of Korean music by the Academy of Korean Culture. There will also be performances by the Thames Philharmonia Orchestra together with the London and Hailsham Choral Societies.

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Cultural festival in England, UK traditional Korean music



Traditional Dancing

Traditional Korean music and dance evolved from ancient shamanistic folk rituals. The enduring movements tell stories about Korean life. The Academy of Korean Culture will perform Buchaechum, the Korean fan dance. 

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Cultural festival in England, UK traditional Korean dancing



Korean Food Buffet

Korean food is a cultural revolution. The popularity of K-BBQ and banchan has spread throughout the world and the Korean food craze continues to grow! Be sure to stay for the buffet after watching the amazing performances! 

Korean Foods 


Cultural festival in England, UK Korean food banchan








Korean Cultural Performances





Immerse Yourself in Traditional Korean Culture

Unforgettable Musical Performances

Samul nori is a type of Korean percussion music. Its name derives from the fact that it is performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments: samul means "four objects" and nori means "play". The instruments used are a small gong (kkwaenggwari), a larger gong (jing), an hourglass-shaped drum (janggu), and a barrel drum similar to a bass drum (duk).

Riveting Korean Dances

Fan dancing is a tradition often seen during celebrations. Dancers use large fans painted with pink blossom and create shapes using the fans such as birds, flowers, butterflies and waves. Usually female, the dancers wear brightly coloured hanboks, which is Korean traditional dress. Buchaechum has its origins in Korean shamanic dance and traditional Joseon Dynasty court performance.


Korean festival in Eastbourne, Samulnori Korean dancing







Korean Food





Enjoy Authentic Korean Food

Korean cuisine has its roots in ancient agricultural and nomadic societies in the Korean peninsula and has evolved as society has developed. It is mostly based on rice, vegetables and meat, along with sesame oil, doenjang (fermented bean paste), soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper flakes, gochujang (fermented red chilli paste) and napa cabbage. Kimchi, usually found as a staple with most dishes, is a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, usually napa cabbage and Korean radishes, with a variety of seasonings including chili powder, scallions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal (salted seafood). There are many types of kimchi made with different vegetables as the main ingredients. Traditionally, kimchi was stored underground in jars to keep cool; nowadays, kimchi refrigerators are more commonly used.

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Korean festival in Eastbourne, kimchi






Attractions in Eastbourne






Eastbourne is a popular holiday destination on the southeast coast of England. You can find Victorian hotels, the 19th-century Eastbourne Pier and a 1930s bandstand on the seafront. Other notable attractions include the Towner Art Gallery with modern British works, and the Redoubt Fortress, built during the Napoleonic Wars, which has a military museum.

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 Eastbourne Pier cultural festival in England


Beachy Head

This is a headland, a high point of land with a sheer drop, in East Sussex, near Eastbourne, and east of the Seven Sisters. At 162 metres (531 ft) above sea level, it is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain. From the top you can see views across the south coast, from Dungeness to Selsey Bill in the west. It also boasts a striped 1902 lighthouse.

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 Korean festival in Eastbourne, UK beachy head

 Korean festival in Eastbourne, UK the Seven Sisters and Birling Gap

Seven Sisters Park

The Seven Sisters are a collection of seven chalk cliffs on the south coast of England. They run between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in East Sussex, and form part of the South Downs National Park. They are the product of erosion by the sea of the dry chalk valleys in the South Downs.

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 Korean festival in Eastbourne, UK Sovereign Harbour

Soveriegn Harbour

A large marina development in Eastbourne, Sovereign Harbour opened in 1993, when it was known as The Crumbles. The marina boasts four separate harbours, a retail park and several housing developments with opportunities for permanent or holiday stays.

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How to Get There







By Public Transport

Eastbourne Town Hall is near two bus stops serviced by bus routes 3 and 3A. It is only a 10 minute walk to the Town Hall from Eastbourne Station.                                                                 




Cultural festival in England, UK Korean Arts



By Car

There is on street parking around Eastbourne Town Hall. Charges apply from 8am - 6pm on the Saturday. Please be sure to read any posted signage for rules and regulations






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