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Immerse yourself in traditional Korean music, Korean dance and Korean food at our Korean Arts Festival in Eastbourne! 

Korean Arts Festival in Eastbourne

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7th July, 2018


6pm - 9pm


Town Hall, Grave Rd, Eastbourne, BN21 4TX



Order of Events

 Chapter 1: 

Korean Arts Performances

Fan Dance


Traditional Song

 Chapter 2:

Eastbourne Festival Orchestra with:

London Choral Society & Hailsham Choral Society 

 Chapter 3:

Korean Food BUFFET

Served by Korean Restaurants & Supermarket Association (KORSA)



Korean arts festival in Eastbourne, UK Korean music




Eastbourne Korean Festival

Chapter 1: Academy of Korean Culture






Korean arts festival in Eastbourne, UK Korean dancing

Buchaechum, or the Korean fan dance, is frequently performed during celebrations. Dancers flaunt large fans decorated with colourful feathers or paint and the performers themselves wear brightly coloured hanboks, the traditional Korean dress. Throughout the dance, the fans are used to create transforming visuals that represent everything from animals to flowers.


Korean arts festival in Eastbourne, UK Korean music

SamulNori is a type of "modern" traditional music. Samul means "four objects" and Nori means "play". Many traditional Korean arts were forgotten when Korea was under Japan's rule in the early 1900's. After regaining independence, Koreans returned to their roots, and in 1978 a group created SamulNori and based it off of farmers' band and ceremonial music.


Korean arts festival in Eastbourne, UK Korean music gayageum

The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional, zither-like Korean instrument with 12 strings. The modern gayageum can have up to 21 strings. It is probably the most famous traditional Korean musical instrument. Related Asian instruments include the Chinese guzheng, the Japanese koto, the Mongolian yatga, and the Vietnamese dàn tranh. 


































Chapter 2: Eastbourne Festival Orchestra

With the London Choral Society and Hailsham Choral Society





A Spectacular Medley of Classical and Korean Music

The Eastbourne Festival Orchestra under Music Director Byung Yun Yu, together with the London Choral Society and the Hailsham Choral Society will put on a true performance of both classical and Korean music. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the music!



Korean festival in Eastbourne, UK Thames Philharmonia Orchestra 






































Chapter 3: Korean Food Buffet

Courtesy of Korean Restaurants & Supermarket Association (KORSA)





The Cultural Journey Doesn't End With the Performances

After the performances have come to an end, the festival continues with an introduction to the world of Korean food! Enjoy our buffet of typical Korean dishes and come to appreciate the complexity and flavour of real Korean food. The popular banchan dishes originate from different regions in Korea and fermented foods are highly prevalent throughout Korean cuisine.

Although ingredients and dishes vary between Korean provinces, many regional dishes have become nationally popular. The cuisine of the Korean royal courts in the Joseon Dynasty would bring together all the regional specialities for the royal family. Many thanks to the Korean Restaurant and Supermarket Association.

Korean Foods  

Korean festival in Eastbourne, UK Korean food 




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